Spirit Of God


Spirit of God I see you in sunset,
As at those colours you gave me I gaze,
Sit here in awe at such wondrous splendour,
And just ask myself, do I give enough praise?

Spirit of God, the waters flow onwards,
You use them to wash out my sins and my stains,
I know that your Spirit does dwell within me,
Because of the time that Your Son felt such pain.

Spirit of God, I see the great forest,
The growing of life from the evergreen trees,
I know that is a sign for me to look up towards you,
And thank you again for the life you gave me.

Spirit of God I look at the beauty,
I see the sunshine just over the rise,
I view the majesty of your great creation,
And know that I have viewed you with my own eyes.

For no one can say that this beauty just happened,
Just look around now and you see such a sight.
Then please just recall what many have forgotten,
That what we are watching is the power of your might.

Spirit of God, in that running water,
Come down and cleanse me is what I do pray,
So on the day that you choose to call me,
I know I am going to be with you to stay.

Dark Blue Knight
© Copyright June 8th 2006
All Rights Reserved



Scripture from: Genesis 1

And God saw every thing that he had made,
and, behold, it was very good


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