Hide Me Father till the storm passes by
You're in control as it takes over the sky.
It reminds me of trials I've been through,
How You've helped as I've called on you.

You are my refuge and ever my hiding place.
I'm under Your cover ~ hid in Your Grace.
You are my Strength, and my Strong Tower.
It's You I run too, and ask for Power.

You've  kept me safe through the storms,
As lightening flashes, and my life's transformed.
Father I'm so thankful that I have You,
And You're always here and see me through.


Written for ~ and Dedicated to
My Daughter

Scripture From:
Psalm 32:7

Thou art my hiding place; thou shalt preserve
me from trouble; thou shalt compass me about
with songs of deliverance.




Song: He Leadeth Me
Words and Music:
Joseph H. Gilmore and William B Bradbury
Musician: Janis Wilson
Arrangement: Janis Wilson

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