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My Rock, My Savior

Though clouds darken my horizons,
I see a silver lining o'er the edge,
I feel the hand of God stretch forth,
Leading me along life's narrow ledge.


I cling to the massive love filled Hand,
Given oft' times when I'm in need,
You are ever faithful to rescue me,
When in prayer to You I plead.


Thank you Lord for loving me,
For stretching forth Your hand,
Leading me onto solid rock,
Upon which I thankfully stand.


You are the creator of my life,
The supplier of my every need,
When I come to you in prayer
You so lovingly intercede.


I love you precious Father,
Thank you for loving me Lord,
May I be a witness always,
Reflecting a love thus adored.


Gayle Davis©
07, April 2006


God will lead you across the ledge and onto solid ground.


One bleak morning this beautiful poem came in my mail.
Thank you my Precious Friend.



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