With A Thankful Heart

Eyes still closed, a lengthening stretch,
I awake to the morning sun;
A deep breath of inspiration, Lord,
For my day has just begun.

That first deep breath of which I'm so aware,
Sends me, figuratively, to my knees,
With a Thankful Heart, I praise the Lord
For the very air I breathe.

As the coffee brews, I receive a call
From a loved one, far away
And we share the joys of the simple things
We'll be doing with our new day.

The love we share is magnified
Through the Power of Christ, our King,
With a Thankful Heart, I praise the Lord,
For that love, which is everything.

Turning now, to the work at hand,
Mundane housework, or lofty themes,
Writing sonnets, crafting tales
Of life, and love, and endless dreams.

Experience teaches wisdom, that's true.
A sum total of lessons we have learned.
With a Thankful Heart, I praise the Lord,
For what wisdom I have earned.

The shadows grow, as evening dims,
The sunset is almost here,
Watching this masterpiece,
I can recall sunsets; far, and near,

And I glow in the warmth of the Master's Plan,
And the life He has given to me,
With a Thankful Heart, I praise the Lord,
Such an Awesome God is He.

November 14 2004

Psalms 34~1
I will bless the LORD at all
times: His praise shall
continually be in my mouth.

Music and Lyrics By:
Paul Gentry Rhesa Siregar,
Used With Permission

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