On Judgment Day

Is your name written in the book?
The one where Jesus will look?
When to life He calls the dead,
Will you face Him with joy or dread?

A time of judgment that will be,
And everyone will bend their knee
Some will bend in shame,
Others that bend will love His name.

One thing is for sure and certain,
If you die and life's final curtain
Falls before you are "born again,"
And you are caught still in your sin,

Then before Him you will stand,
It won't be as you think or planned.
You won't go to hell and have a ball,
The "fun" you had in life, you won't recall.

It is so important not to wait to late,
There by sealing your fate.
Please accept Jesus free offer,
He continues to offer you this proffer.


Revelation 20~15
And whosoever was not found
written in the book of life was
cast into the lake of fire.


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Music and Words By:Paul Gentry,
Rhesa Siregar and Larry Holder
Used With Permission

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