Remember, Lord when I came to you
Begging forgiveness of my sins?
You so gently washed my soul
Making me clean within.

I have tried to walk the path
That you have laid out for me.
Yet sometimes I stumble and fall
I am trying Lord, can you see.

The whole world is rejecting you.
Scoffing at the blessings you share,
But I still belong to you, Lord.
My heart is in your loving care.

I am your child, my Father.
Though at times I may fall short.
I will continue to cling to You my Lord,
Until my soul, you transport

My heart belongs to you, Jesus.
I am striving to make you proud.
I am looking forward to the day,
I will be amongst the gathering crowd

Gayle Davis
© July 17, 2003


This poem is used with Gayle's
permission. Please respect the
copyright and ask her if you
wish to use it.








"The Shepherd's Song"
From: Songs Of Praise
By Rhesa Siregar, Paul Gentry and Elton Smith
Used With Permission

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