Just Something About Your Name


There's just something about Your Name
Removes all our sin and our shame.
Oh my Lord, how I worship and adore you.
You freshen my spirit each day anew.


The only Name where by we may be saved.
Your Name upon hearts, is engraved.
The world trembles because of Your Name.
So afraid of You. As if Your Name is aflame.


Yes, there's just something about Your Name.
Puts fear into hearts who'd like to bring it shame.
They scorned you when you were here on earth.
And today they don't know Your name's worth!


You are my everything Lord Jesus, my King,
And of Your beautiful Name, I love to sing!
It's etched deep into my memory and heart
Forever will be there, never to depart.

Jesus Jesus Jesus
There is something about your name!

February 3 2005

Matthew 28: 20
I am with you always, even unto
the end of the world. Amen.


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"Just Something About That Name"

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