Jesus' Gift Of Love
The sweetest Love I've ever known
Is the Love that You have shown.
So precious in it's rarity
So rare in it's sincerity!
 As You showed Your sweet ways
You gently set my heart ablaze.
Many ways You did use
To draw me to Your views!
Love in the purest form
My life it did transform!
Love that wooed me from the edge of hell
Where I could hear the death knell.

It's beauty is beyond compare
As You tend it with such care.
Love that is so strong for me
That You took my place on that tree.
Your Gift of Love I do treasure
No other has it's measure.
The depth of it's beyond compare
It is mine for me to share.
1 John 3~14
We know that we have passed
from death unto life, because
we love the brethren.






"O Lord, You're Beautiful"
Quality Christian Midi
Used with Permission

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