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She thought their love would never end.
Never once did she feel,
The love that was professed for her,
Wasn't ever real.

She gave her fragile heart to him,
Oh so willingly.
It opened up with all the love
That possibly could be.

A heart so fragile yet unafraid,
Because her  heart did trust.
Days were filled with happiness, 
Never did she mistrust.

She felt her heart begin to break,
As she found him untrue.
Her heart hurts so with pain within,
And thoughts when love was new.

It's hard for her to hide the tears,
From all of those around.
Her heart cries with so much pain,
Yet without a sound.

So now she has a broken heart,
But this she does not show.
She will hide the pain within her heart,
And none will ever know.

She asks Jesus to come near,
Prays for her heart to mend.
As He wraps his arms around her,
Sweet comfort He will lend.


Psalms 147:3

He healeth the broken in heart,
and bindeth up their wounds.


Midi: "End Theme"
Used with permission.

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