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He Leads Me

He leads me to the mountaintops.
He leads me 'round the hills.
He leads me to still waters.
He leads me as He wills.

My faith grows ever stronger
As I yield my trust in Him.
With Jesus in the forefront,
He is light if mine grows dim.

How wonderful to have Him
As my confidant and friend.
I know that I can trust Him,
Through each course, until the end.

If the mighty mountains tremble
Or the hills drop to the ground,
If the gentle streams turn violent
And my body they surround ...

He will pull me from the waters,
Stay the boisterous blowing winds,
Make new paths for me to travel
A new day we will begin.

Marie Williams ~ © 2004

Scripture: Psalm: 23: 3
He leadeth me in the paths of
righteousness for his name's sake.

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