Fear Not

Fear Not Was Once A Message,
Sent From God Above.
"For I Am With You Always,
Just Show Me That You Love."

Although The Message May Be Old,
It Comes Through Loud And Clear.
"If You Do Not Fear Me,
Forever I'll Be Near."

But 'Tis Not Enough For Us,
To Simply Know God's There.
We Must Acknowledge Presence,
By Speaking To Him In Prayer.

Prayer Should Not Be Only,
Used To Ask For Things We Need.
But Sometimes Just To Take The Time,
To Show God You Are Pleased.

It May Be Just A Simple Thing,
That Really Makes You Smile.
But By Thanking God For Having It,
Makes It That Much More Worthwhile.

For If You Have No Fear,
Of Our Mighty God Of Love.
Then He Will Surely Send To You,
A Smile From Up Above.

Fear Itself Can Be So Total,
It Can Itself Impart.
A Sense Of Self Destruction,
Right From The Very Start.

Sometimes It May Well Seem,
You Simply Fear The Day.
Just Take A Few Short Moments,
And Let God Show The Way.

Man Cannot Face This World Alone,
It's Full Of Fear And Pride.
To Simply Learn How To Control,
Let God Be By Your Side.

For With Your God Beside You,
You'll Get The Message Clear.
"Yes, I Am Always With You,
You Need Not Ever Fear."

Copyright: Dark Blue Knight
All Rights Reserved
Used With Permission


2nd Timothy 1: 7
For God hath not given us the
spirit of fear; but of power,
and of love, and of a sound mind.



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