Adoration and Praise

Lord whatever comes my way
I know it only happens with Your OK
With all my being I believe this is true
That you strengthen me by trials I go through

There are lessons to be learned indeed
Without tribulations we forget our needs
The need to stay as close as we can
To follow each day in the way that you planned

Sometimes Lord it seems, the mountain's too high
And that's when I want to give up and just cry
But then is when the Holy Spirit brings to mind
What satan's bound, Your Word will unbind

Your WORD, our Sword and Shield
Gives us hope and a steadfast will
To take THY teachings from mind to heart
A profound impression it does impart

So despite opposition that comes my way
I will follow in your steps day by day
Because into my heart, your Word is bound
So deep inside, yes, so profound

How can I not PRAISE THEE all day long
And always on my lips adoration in song
For reaching down from your throne
To save a wretch like me, now I'm not alone

Father, I lift my hands in adoration to you
Yes, You alone who are so true
You steer me in the paths of righteousness
And in those paths I am so blessed

So with a heart full of gratitude and love
For all the blessings from above
May I ever be humble before men and Thee
Help me be a witness that others may see

Written by Shirley and Melva
aka Shy and Siggy
2004 December 17
Shy's Website

Scripture: Psalm 23: 3
He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the
paths of righteousness for his name's sake.






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