A Prayer for Marcus

Gentle Jesus, help me, please,
To find the words I sorely need
To try to ease my loved ones’ pain:
‘Lest this tragedy drive them insane.

I don’t know how to lessen the
Sorrow they now must bear,
I’d carry the load for them, Lord,
But my mind won’t let me Go there!

To return back to You, our Child.
Distressed heart-stings just can’t abide.
Will You receive with Loving Arms
Our hope~~~our joy~~~our pride.

So handsome a child, Lord,
And yet, he seemed so sad,
I wonder what lessons he was sent to learn,
That made him feel so bad.

We struggle Lord, to try to
Understand the reason why
He would take the life You gave to him.
Reason is lost~~~among stars in the sky.

Today we share our sorrow, Lord.
Make it less difficult to bear.
Joy cometh in the ‘morning’
This terrible ‘mourning’ that we share.

Today, I embrace those that I love.
Please, Join me in each embrace,
Let them all feel Your Perfect Peace
And be comforted by Your Grace.

©March 24, 2005

Scripture: Psalms 30: 5
Weeping may endure for a night, but
joy cometh in the morning.

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