Ummmmm Where is My.........

Dear me, my glasses, where are they?
This has not been a good day!
It seems I can never find those things,
Oh me ~ do I have both of my earrings?

Ahhhhh I just loveeeeee this hat!
Now Ginger, don't you be a brat!
You can NOT play with that strawberry!
And don't you bother Pete, the canary!

He'll sit on your nose and peck your eyes out,
Then I'll have to lead you about.
You won't like that ~ no sir reeeeeeeee!
If you get to where you can't see!

Where in the world is that umbrella of mine?
I tell you things are gettin' harder to find!
Ginger, get OUT from under my feet,
I just don't have time to give you a treat!

Where's my car keys, Ginger my pet?
We must hurry to get you to the vet!
It's time for your shots you know
At least that's from THEIR say so!

I don't believe it's time for them again,
But if you argue with the vet, you can't win!
Ginger, I sure doooo wish you could talk.
Let's get your leash, we may as well walk.

Now you get back here, RIGHT NOW!
Don't you just sit under that bed and MEOW!
I'm so tired after all of this running around,
All I feel like doing is just laying down.

Ginger do you think.........


February 2 2006

Scripture from Proverbs:

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine:
A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance:
He that is of a merry heart hath a continual feast.


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Midi "Alley Cat"
Sequenced By Don Carroll

Used With Permission

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