My Dad was my hero, always. He wasn't
a perfect man, far from it, but he was my
hero, and the love of my life, always. The
short time that I had him in my life he
made a wonderfully, long lasting impression
on me, that shaped my heart, and life, and
the way I treat others..

He was killed in an auto accident and for a
time in my life I wished that I had of been
with him. The pain of losing him was almost
unbearable, For a season, but I learned
to live without him. I will never stop
missing him, and I do hope to see him
again one day.

Dad I still miss you so
I wonder if you know
That you were my hero
And I'll always loved you so

The pain has eased somewhat
At the time I thought it would not
So suddenly your life was ended
I know it was as God intended

I was so blessed with your love
A precious gift I'll never let go of
A heart so sweet and tender
I think of you and ~ I remember

You always wanted the best for me
And wanted me to be all I could be
You were a farmer by trade
Of hard work you weren't afraid

You weren't perfect ~ by far
But your love for me was as a shining star
It was a perfect love from you to me
Dad to Daughter, as it was meant to be

Though I had you for just a short time
You made quite an impression on my mind
My life you shaped with your love and care
Good times and bad ~ you were always  there

Your love you gave without measure
It will always remain my heart's treasure
Your sweet smile ~ I'll always see
And wish that you were here with me


Exodus 20:12

Honor thy Father and thy Mother; that thy
days may be long upon the land which the
Lord thy God giveth thee.






Midi From: Sal's Standards
Sequenced By Redsal

Permission Granted


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