Old Glory
Margaret Rorke

I'm just a bit of bunting dyed
In stripes of red and white.
My corner holds a field of blue
With stars to give it light.

Though winds may pull and tear at me,
And sun my colors fade,
My spirit will remain as strong
As when I first was made.

My hist'ry is the hist'ry of
The land or' which I fly.
It's freedom, pride, and power are
The things I signify.

I've been in all the battles that
My country's brave have fought.
I've dwelt in all the school rooms where
The youngsters have been taught.

I watch you stand as I go by
With hat upon your heart,
You see in me a nation great
Of which you are a part.

Unfurled and floating on the breeze
In red and white and blue,
Your faith in home and fellow men
Is passing in review.

I Pledge Allegiance To The Flag
Of The United States Of America
To The Republic For Which It Stands,
One Nation
Under God,
With Liberty and Justice
For All.


Music: "Star Spangled Banner"
Music by Margi Harrell

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