My Daddy

Some of you may not agree with me
about this man, but that is ok with me
He was the best man in the whole world

My Daddy

Daddy had to quit school in the 8th grade
to help support his family.
But that was ok with him,
as he was a good boy
that did want to help his
Mama and Daddy in the best
way that he could.

Daddy really wanted to finish school
and someday he said his big desire
was to become a school teacher.
But he never got that chance.
He then married my Mother and
they soon had a large family of 7
children. No more school for Daddy.

But he did learn to become a finish carpenter,
and also owned and operated small farms.
He was a wonderful man that loved God first,
his wife second and his children after that.
He loved to fish and have a lot of good visits
with anyone that would come and visit or
just sit and talk about most anything.

Daddy loved his family so much.
We could never have ask for a better Daddy.
Like the saying goes, anyone can be a father,
but it takes a special man to be a Daddy!
And that is what he was, so special.
Always ready to help his family in time of
 need and also anyone that he met.
I never met anyone that didn't like my Daddy.
He was a protective Daddy.
He was a hard worker,
as he said God blessed him with a
large family and it is his job to provide.

I have so many memories of Daddy.
This I am so thankful for.
If we were bad, we did get a spanking,
not a beating, a spanking where God
gave him permission to give it too!
He loved to talk about his Lord,
and to tell his children and grandchildren
about giving their hearts to Jesus.

I know that someday I will be going to
Heaven, and I do want to see Daddy again.
Daddy was a funny man too.
He loved to laugh and have a lot of fun.
He loved to stand up and talk about how much
he loved Jesus in his testimony at church.
He also loved to be in plays at church with him,
being Joseph, and holding the real baby
that would be baby "Jesus"..
You could make him smile so easy.

He was a real gentleman,
not because he is my Daddy,
but he was that way to everyone.
One thing that Daddy did teach us kids,
was to always try and find something
 good in everyone. He was a man of 
respect and especially in front of ladies.
He didn't believe in being disrespectful.
Or talking bad.

I just can't say enough good about my Daddy
so maybe I should save some for other pages
that will come soon. lol  Daddy is in
 Heaven now and he is having a wonderful
Father's Day
with his Heavenly Father.

Happy Father's Day Daddy
Happy Father's Day God!

I will see you soon!


June 16, 2002


Scripture from: Exodus 20:12

Honor thy Father and thy Mother; that thy
days may be long upon the land which the
Lord thy God giveth thee.








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