Forgotten Hero's

There have been many wars
and many young men did fall.
While countless scores
Answered their country's call.

Young, strong, with ambition instilled,
proud of their nation.
They raised their right hand, and promised
To do their best, no matter the occasion.

Farmers sons, those from the city,
Rich and poor, yet alike, somehow.
Called into a battle of indecision,
Their leaders disavowed.

Needless death, sacrifice given
yet they continued bravely on.
Trying to appease the living
While at the same time, feeling alone.

The unsung hero's of our past
Dissension and humility lost.
The bravest of brave they have been cast
For fighting the unknown cause.

The love for God kept them no doubt
Enlisted in loyalty for their nation.
Some went for days living without
A clean sip of water or warm ration.

My heart goes out to my friends wife
When at the tender age of eighteen he was called.
A leader of men when he lost his life,
There was comfort in knowing he gave his all.

I remember well the grief of his family,
Their pride in their son's allegiance.
Now they go to visit the Wall in his memory
That came much too late to sooth the grievance.

My heart is also touched by family too,
My brother, so young to be devastated.
The horrors he had to face,
Remain with him still, so many years later.

The bravery of all including my mate,
Too young acquainted with the angel of death
Of comrades and friends who shared his days,
Whose loss left his heart bereft.

On This Special Day every year
Let's remember and honor their fight.
Though the reason's sometimes aren't clear
They deserve to be honored, it's their right! !

© Shy ~ Shirley Barr


Scripture from Psalm 97

For thou, LORD, art high above all the
earth: thou art exalted far above all gods.

Ye that love the LORD, hate evil: He
preserveth the souls of his saints;
He delivereth them out of the hand
of the wicked.



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