Happy Birthday Karen

Happy Birthday Karen

Gramma, I ♥ U
Gramma’s are so sweet, sweet and neat
Neat and fun, fun in the sun
She’s sweet like my favorite treat
She’s my favorite in my world
She smells like flower perfume

I wish you were here
If you were, we’d play
We’d go to the Bay, Maybe in May
When flowers grow, it will be fun
I love you
We’ll watch JayJay together.
By: Katy

If that’s what life’s about, give me a tear

Memories are just moments of life,
they help us live and make us cry.
The memory of life brought into this world
That cute little face of my little girl.
So many times they’re just waiting to fall,
Hang those little drops of happiness known to all.
Memories are just moments of life,

they help us live and make us cry.
I remember the hurt felt that day
I got the news my Dad passed away.
Thoughts of this day tear at my heart
I miss him still now years apart.
I loved him so much this I’d show
If I only told him then he’d know.

Memories are just moments of life,
If that’s what life’s about, give me a tear
they help us live and make us cry.
Life about these drops we shed
I seen them there the day we wed.
The next tear I know is on its way
Happiness or sorrow there’s no way to say.

There always seem to be a tear in my eye a poem,
a song, or a movie to make you cry.
Memories are just moments in time
The best thing about them is they’re all mine
If that’s what life is all about,
give me a tear and let them out.

Now I do

I never understood the look I would catch
in my mother’s eye when I caught her watching
me when she thought I wasn’t looking,
Now I do.

I never understood the exasperation she would feel
when she had to tell me something for the eleventh time,
Now I do.

I never understood the pain in her
eye’s when a friend mistreated me,
Now I do.

I didn’t understand why she would panic
when I climbed too high in the tree,
Now I do.

I never understood the look of amusement in my
mother’s eyes when I was having a talk with her about
something terribly “Important” in my child world view,
Now I do.

I didn’t understand why she wanted me to sit on
her lap AGAIN, or hug me just a little bit longer,
Now I do.

I never understood why she bragged about my
or felt such pride when I did something right
Now I do.

I never understood why my pain could cause her tears,
Now I do.

I never understood when she said, “I love you more!”,
Now I do.

I never understood why she considered me to be
her greatest gift from God,
Now I do.

I never truly understood what a gift from God
I had received in her,
Now I do.

Happy Birthday Mom – All my love - Boo

Karen, friends may come and friends may go.
But a true friend you are, just wanted to let you know.
Not much of a poem writer as you have seen.
But I just had to tell you what your friendship means.

We've had good times and bad.
Times we have laughed and times that we were sad.
So on your birthday I just wanted to say
Have a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY today and every other day

My name is Shy,
And I will tell you why
I love this lady so,
She keeps me on the go.

K is for kisses she sends
A is for the angel she's been
R is for really a joy
E is for especially, oh boy
N is for now and evermore.

A writer's pen speaks loudly,
Though silence is the creed,
The love flowing from her pen,
Reaches out to others need.

God blesses this special one,
Giving straight from her heart,
I am grateful for the friend,
Whose goodness she imparts.

Happy birthday my dear friend
Blessings & Joy I want to send!
What an encouragement you are to me
A servant of the Lord for all to see!
May this birthday be your best one yet.

God bless you, Karen, you were heaven sent!
I'm not a poet.
And I do know it!
Happy, happy birthday my sister in Christ,

My Sistir in Christ, Karen, may your
Birthday be a happy and healthy day.
May you have family present, and enjoy
yourself,for no one deserves it more
than you.God loves you and so do I.

A special time of the year is near
For you, Karen… So sweet and kind
Always so thoughtful and caring
A nicer person, I couldn't find

I'm praying for you, all good things
On this, your "Happy Birthday"
Hoping…. All your wishes come true
With many blessings on the way!
Have a Wonderful and Blessed Birthday

Dear Friend of mine, so fine,
You are so sweet and kind.
A beautiful poetess you are too
Your work for Jesus is so true

A prayer warrior of God's design
You are all of these combined!
Thank you for the love you share
With all of us for whom you care.

Karen we want to wish you a
*Wonderful Birthday*
And always want you to
"Remember You Are Loved!"

From Your Family and Friends:

Family Granddaughter~Katy


Lady Gayle
Mary Tindall

Proverbs: 17: 17
A friend loveth at all times

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Joyful Noise
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Happy Birthday Karen...


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