For Love Of Country


For Love of country,
We stand tall and proud,
Serving ordered commands,
As we have solemnly vowed.

Throughout many generations,
Tradition passed down through the years,
Fathers and sons have faithfully served,
Love of freedom overriding their fears.

Mothers' hearts are heavy,
Tears fall from spouses' eyes,
Children don't understand,
We stand brave yet our hearts cries.

Away from all that is dear to us,
We traverse to foreign lands,
Seeking to give envied freedoms,
To people living under a dictator's hands.

Risking our lives to do our duty,
Bullets zoom and bombs blast,
Praying each setting of the sun,
Lord, don't let this day be our last.

We serve with proud honor,
Taught to move at every call,
Do you begin to understand?
What it means to see a friend fall?

Will you take up the call to action?
Leave your family and loved ones behind,
Do you cherish your gift of freedom?
Or have ideals caused you to be blind?

Freedom is a beloved treasure,
War is distasteful, yet they entwine,
Yes, we served our beloved country,
To preserve our freedom so Divine.

Gayle Davis©
28 April 2006




Music: God Bless The USA
From Jack's Midi's
Permission Granted

Made With Much Love

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