Happy Birthday Ann

Happy Birthday to you Mom, my friend. You are
always there for me to make me laugh or just listen.
I just wanted to thank you for everything you have
done and continue to do. I wish you, we, could
be together for your birthday. We miss you and love
you very much.
Happy Birthday...
Happy Birthday Nanny, we love you very much.
Kennedy and Mackenzie...

God put you into my life because you needed a Mother.
What a wonderful daughter he gave me...
I will always be here for you....Love you. Mom.

Dear Ann: I'm sorry I am late with this wish, but that
doesn't make it any less sincere!
I hope your Birthday was wonderful! You have my love,
Jimmy ~~~ www.jcshrimp1.com

Ann, I am so sorry I missed your Birthday! I Hope
you had the best Birthday ever! Love You.... Nancy

I've got a special Birthday Gift for you, it's big, it's
bright, guess what? It's a smile from me to wish you
a day that brings the same kind of happiness & joy
that you bring to me. Wishing you a day as colorful
as a rainbow! Happy Birthday to my special friend!
Love Ya,

Ann: Wishing you the very best birthday ever..
Love you much...Your sister in Christ..Angelamaria

Ann, Ann, shes my fan.
She can mess up a computer like no one can.
Red hair full of curls,
(wonder what color her hair is this week)
Happy Birthday Ann
Mike Barr

Another year has flew the coop
And now it's time to regroup.
I love you more and more each year,
So let me send a bit of cheer.

You were my first friend on the net,
And that's the kind of thing you don't forget.
You introduced me all around town,
You turn all my frowns upside down.

I was told not to be to lengthy, thats long,
But I just had to sing you a little song.
Happy Birthday to you, I love your red hair,
And I hope that your Birthday is something rare.

Hands reaching out in friendship,
A heart filled with precious love,
I thank God for the loving friend,
He send down from heaven above.

Happy birthday dearest Ann,
Hope your deepest wishes come true,
May you be as blessed with friends,
As I have been with the gift of you.
Lady Gayle

Laden with so many afflictions
Yet, never fails to give God praise
Life is a walking contradiction
Still, she remains faithful in her ways.

Always ready with a kind word.
Doing everything that she can
To spread love and kindness to all
Yes, that's our 'Sweetheart" Ann!
Luv Ya,

It is hard to know where to start
wishing Ann a Happy Birthday. She
means so much to my entire Family.
Ann has more Faith, Strength, and
Compassion than anyone I know.

She has never faltered in her love
for Jesus Christ, reguardless of the
pain she bears each day, and her
poetry soothes so many hurting hearts.
I love you Ann, Happy Birthday!
Mary Bunnell

Can't think of anything quite so grand
As Paying Birthday Blessings for our
Ann, Her Love for the Lord comes
straight from the heart, A picture
of Devotion, that's our Ann Hart.
God Bless and remember,
You are loved.

I have a friend, such an encouragement she is to me -
A faithful child of Jesus for all the world to see.
I know in my heart God puts people in our paths -
To bless us, encourage us, for friendships to last.

The poems you write to praise our Lord,
Even on the days when you feel so bad -
He must look down upon you and say -
"My child, you have made me very glad".

Ann, my friend, may you always be blessed -
Coz in my book, you are one of the best!
Happy Birthday my dear, sweet precious Ann!!
I love you!
I hope this is one of your happiest birthdays ever!!

Lots and lots and lots of love
Your friend and Sister in Christ

With words she pens such lovely poems.
Full of love for our wonderful Savior.
A wonderful friend she is to all.
Her blessings shared with friends or neighbor.

God bless and be with her always.
Smile upon her this special day I pray.
Wrap Your loving arms around this lady,
As only You can do in Your very special way.

Love ya',

For God Has Sent An Angel To Earth
Who's Beauty Knows No Bounds;
For With A Soul Such As Hers
All Life Will Still Be Found.

For Ann More Precious Than Any Could Know
With Heart Of Solid Gold.
On This Your Birthday Beautiful Friend;
You'll Find My Heart Is Sound.

My petite rose is loving
My petite rose is kind
My petie rose is honest
My petie rose is my friend.
Love Ya Ann,
Happy Birthday,

When the world gained a Hart,
It's throbbing brought happiness
to many people.Happy Birthday!

Ann, Let me wish you a Very Happy Birthday.
This is your special day...
May God enfold you in his mighty arms
and release all pain from your body...
May He bless you with many more birthdays.
God Bless You My Friend.....

My Dear Sweet Angel Sis...
I just have to tell you what a wonderful
inspiration you are to me. When I am
having a hard time to keep myself from
falling down.You send me a poem that

is written right from your heart, and it
picks me up and helps me to go on once
again. I just want to wish you a
Happy Birthday
And for you to know I am there in your
heart with you.
All my love forever.

Happy Birthday, Ann!
(Designer Lady)

This beautiful Birthday Greeting was made by Coco.

Happy Birthday Dear Ann, my Friend
A Birthday greetings always fun to send!
I think of you and the word LOVE comes to mind
Only one Ann, yes, you're one of a kind!

From words you pen your sweetness does flow
Your love for Jesus you never fail to show.
And your friends aren't far behind,
We're in your heart, and always on your mind!
Love You...

Thank You to all of you who joined
in to wish our sweet friend Ann a


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