Wings of Friendship

Miles are touched with sunshine
Dear friend of mine
As this wings it's way to you
With a friendship that's so true

May joy and laughter fill your day
And all you love come your way
I wish we didn't live so far apart
But we are so close in our hearts

Each day I'm uplifted by your love
More than I could dream of
We laugh we cry and share
Never afraid our feelings to declare

In each other we place our trust
Knowing to keep our secrets is a must
Our dreams and fears we can share
We know they will be handled with much care

So take these words with all my love
Cuz they're sprinkled with grace from above
Ensuring you that my friendship's true
And that I'll always be here for you


Proverbs 17~17
A friend loveth at all times.

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 Song: "The Shadow of Your Smile"
By Richard Clayderman
From his CD "Love Songs"

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