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Only Angels have wings,
Or so I've been told;
Yet, I have seen wings
Seemingly made out of gold!

Angels wings will lift you
High above the clouds,
The wings I've seen,
Make me so very proud.

My wings touch my very soul
And make my life completely whole.
My wings carry me safely through
Moments that seem impossible, too.

My wings help me to believe,
Even when I can't conceive.
The work the Lord has asked me to do:
My wings speak scripture; tried and true.

Only Angels have wings,
Or so I've been told.
Then I've met 'an angel'
Who has made me so bold.

I just call them 'friends'
These angels so sweet,
And truer friends never were,
Than you are~~~to me.

God Bless and remember......
U R Loved.


Proverbs: 17~17

A friend loveth at all times




Artist Unknown
Love To Give Credit



Music: A Beautiful Friendship
Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Permission Granted

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