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The Road Less Traveled

Together we tread the road less traveled.

Not many travel down this lonesome road,
For the path is narrow, the way is long.
I trek on, for this world's not my abode.
I'm only passing through. I do not belong.

The dreary sky was dark and full of clouds.

Days can be weary, even when I'm not alone.
Jesus has always been with me along the way.
Yet, He saw my heart, heard my forlorn groans.
The sun came out and the clouds rolled away.

I was walking alone, singing my praises to Him,

Then you came along and helped me sing my song.
You've seen me through many tears and sorrows.
Now my days do not seem as grey with you along,
We'll happily sing new songs all our tomorrows.

When people are cruel, with taunting and teasing,

Remember Jesus knows, for all this He had to bear.
I will be there at your side, as a steady friend.
The cumbersome load we'll take to Him in prayer.
He is waiting there for us just around the bend.

Good friends make these foothills easier to climb.

When the long and winding trail is perverse to walk,
And it seems that you can't go on, reach for my hand,
Collectively, we will find the key that will unlock,
The truths that ever lead us on to the Promise land.

October 11 2001

Proverbs17: 17
A friend loveth at all times.

This poem is used with Tina's
permission. Please respect the
copyright and contact her if
you wish to use it!


This photo was taken on the very top of our beautiful Grand Mesa, Colorado



How Beautiful
By: Margie Harrell

Used With Her Permission
And My Thanks

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