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I don't mean to be prideful or boasting in any way, but the poems
you have written for me touches my heart in a way
else ever has
, and I feel you have honored me so beautifully
and so gracefully...I want to display your poems, because of the love
that is between us...And because you have paid me the
highest honor that I have ever received...

Thank You with all of my heart for your love and your friendship....
There is no limit to the depth of our Friendship....Each of you have
a special place in my heart, and I love you with all of my love...



Thank You My Dear Friend,

Oh your very sweet and beautiful,
Thank you with all my heart too,
For your friendship and your loyalty,
Because of you I love you.

My spirits lift whenever you write,
Me a sweet bubbly letter,
Joyful and happy with many smiles,
Because of you life's better.

I love you, Sondra
February 27, 2008




I know you as "Siggy",
But "Melva" suits you, too,
And you bring "SON-shine"
To all who know you.

SONlight sparkles from eyes
That completely beguile.
It shines out from your spirit,
It lights up your smile!!!!

You speak of friendships
That you have received,
But ask those who know you,
They will not deceive.

What they know about friendships
They have "learned" from you,
For "Our Savior" is present
In everything that you do.

You're right, in as much as
There are no words to express
What your friendship means to me,
It is my 'happiness'.

God Bless and remember........
U R Loved
February 27, 2008




My dearest angel of mercy,
Your love is so hard to define.
The lord in his infinite wisdom,
Always sends you just in time.

How could I ever express
The feelings down in my heart
To say, “you are one in a zillion"
Would only be a start.

I love you more each day,
And your generosity is the most.
Each time I hear your sweet voice,
I want to shout and to the world boast.

World, "This is my best friend,
And an angel of mercy too"
Our Lord always whispers in her ear,
"Siggy, your Shy needs you."

Right away she springs into action,
Calling to see how I am.
Never wanting explanations or whys,
Giving all she can, directed by the Lamb.

I love you my Siggy, my best friend on earth,
Your love is precious and priceless,
Just as if it were given from birth.
So thank you from the depths of my heart,
For coming to my rescue and doing your part........

October 23, 2006  




''May God bless you in beautiful ways,
As your days are filled with Him in praise,
May the redolence of Him be sweet,
As throughout the day with Him you meet.''
Love you, Sondra

December 29 2005



Hellllllo my darling,
You make my heart sing,
A beautiful rose,
Shining in orange glows!

Thank you sweet girl friend,
For the joy you send,
Always giving love,
From our Lord Above!

You too make me smile,
With all your sweet style,
Bright melodies ring,
Making my heart sing!
Love you Melva,

© September 15 2005



I don't know the meaning
of this silly word.
I just had to come up with
something "TOTALLY" absurd.

"You knock my sox off",
Just didn't seem to say,
The message for you
I am trying to convey.

An Amazin' Lady
Is my little Siggy,
She takes what I write
And makes it "so pretty".

She sings praises to the Lord
With every key stroke
But what she did today~~~
she really went "FOR BROKE!"

Yes, my Amazin' Lady
Show Amazin' Grace,
There is no one in the world
Who could ever replace,

Her charms, her smile,
Her Love for the Lord.
Webmistress Siggy, oh,

Dancin' Karen
© August 21 2005


You're as welcome as can be,
These words I lovingly send to thee.
A greater friend I'll never find,
As through this life I gingerly wind.

When I need help and a smile so grand,
I thank God for the friend that stands,
Waiting patiently for me to write,
Letting you know all is alright.

I love you my precious one,
This is only a token as it is done,
But know my love for you is true,
And I thank God for all you do.

Love you Sunshine,


My Friend,

I've come to rely upon you.
To share with me every day,
The joys of the work you are doing
Sharing His Word, with Praise, and to pray.

Telling the "Ageless Old Story"
Of Jesus and His Amazing Love.
Shouting His Praise to the Heavens,
His Name over all others, above.

Weeping with those who have fallen,
Or who have some terrible disease.
Praying for children who can't find the way,
You handle these prayers with such ease.

Rejoicing in every new endeavor,
And working to present every word
In the beauty and glory adorning
The Grace of Our Magnificent Lord.

In the midst of all you are doing
Still you take time to embrace friends like me.
With encouraging words, and your undying love.
No truer friend could there ever be.

For Melva
Just because.....

© October 16 2004


My Dear Sweet Melva,
You are so beautiful to me,
In my life there are melodies,
Yet your song sings so tenderly,
One of God's sweetest rhapsodies.

I love you,
© August 2 2005


Sweetheart, I do thank the Lord,
He gives you strength you need,
You're one of his most adored,
And you, He'll sweetly lead!

I love you Melva,
© July 30 2005


Friends Like You

God blesses me every day
With friends like you
Who come my way.

With Shy and Siggy helping me,
My site's are as pretty as they can be.
Bless each of these angels Lord,

With their heart's desire.
For Your sake Lord they set the world on fire.
Grant each their dreams, make them supreme
For they treat this poor sinner just like a queen.

Thanks guys
God Bless and
Remember........You Are Loved.

© July 9 2005



You give your love with sweetest care,
A heart of flowers that so shares,
Thank you from mine with lots of love,
Our sweet friendship's from God above.

May 23 2005



Hear I sit all alone
Waiting to hear
Just a little note
To perk up my ears

The forces of darkness
Have been hanging around
To see if I would be careless
But they have been shot down.

No need to worry or fret
Although the hours wane
You'll get sent a message yet
To cure your hearts empty vein.

I can see you now, frantic to release
Your masterpieces that are superb
To share with little ole me a piece
Of your writing, I enjoy every word.

Your sense of love and care show
In every word your pen puts down.
You surely want others to know
About the Savior you have found.

My heart grows fonder every day
As our friendship deepens and grows
You touch my life in so many ways
I could never cover it all in Prose.

To you my dearest friend on earth
I cherish every kind deed you bestow.
The way you always stand alert
And help those who are needy below.

God bless and supply your every need
And cause you much happiness to feel.
Because you are a special friend indeed.
You always come across as real.

No phony acts or pretensions to be
A Christian that one expects of you.
The real McCoy is what I always see
And that is why my love for you is true.

A poem for you to do with as you wish,
Every word come straight from my heart.
You are quite the lady, a perfect dish.
A devoted witness for the Lord you impart.

By Shirley Barr AKA (My Shy)
For my lovely Friend
Siggy, you are always in my heart
May 6, 2005


A Melodious Heart

Melodious is she in her heart,
High to the heavens in song,
A beautiful aria reaches,
To God she’ll always belong.

Eloquent and sweet spoken is she,
Her many friends she blesses,
Giving and sharing her love of God,
From her heart she expresses.

Love she willingly shares easily,
Giving each day happiness,
Sincerity reigns praying each day,
Filling friends with blessedness.

Vivacious in spirit God bestows,
Gracing her kind heart's desire,
To her His Love is beyond compare,
And her prayers wing much higher.

Always sharing the Love of Jesus,
Like a song rings everywhere,
She's a sweet melody to her friends,
God’s bouquet is ever there.

©Sondra McPherson
April 25, 2005



I'm seeing what you are becoming,
I'm seeing how much you have grown.
I'm watching as God makes His Presence
In your life to be completely known.

You are beautiful, vivacious and charming,
You give so much of yourself to
The work of His Kingdom by doing
All the kind, thoughtful things that you do.

Your compassion knows no boundaries,
You treat every person the same,
You give 'till there's "just no more giving",
And you do it all to Glorify His Holy Name.

Yes, I'm seeing what you are becoming,
And I'm so proud and humbled to be
Considered your friend, what a Blessing
You are so "BECOMING" to me!

© April 17 2005

Written with Love



Full of love and care
Rarely can't I find her there.
Interested in all that I love.
Everyday she is there akin to angels above.
Needless to say, she is a true friend in deed.
Daily showing, she cares about my needs.
Some call her Melva, but she is an angel to me.

Siggy, My friend so far away
That I depend on each and every day.,
She never complains, she's my angel.,
I Love Her, she is so graceful.
© March 22 2004


Field of Sunshine

There is a field of sunshine,
Waiting just around the bend,
Its earthly beauty is calling to me,
It is also beckoning my friend.

Hastily I race along the trail,
Eager to greet my happy friend,
I know that she is approaching too,
Her laughter carries in the wind.

Plainly now I see her enter,
The field of sunshine's open gate,
Soon now I will meet her,
I do not have to stand in wait.

We run along the rows,
Of wild flowers in every hue,
Dancing Brown Eyed Susans,
Cornflowers in pretty blue.

Laughter fills the warm air,
As happily we run and play,
Friend to friend's loving hearts,
Friendships e'er binding today.

Love and happiness e'er shared,
Through the gift of a friend,
No other place is as grand,
As friendship's heart we wend.

Gayle Davis
©March 26 2005



The Magic of Friendship

Magic happens each time I open my e-mailbox.
I read encouraging words that touch my soul
I feel Heavenly love surround my heart
God draws nearer to me and makes me whole.

Magic happens when two souls begin to share
A beautiful friendship starts to grow
lifting those burdens with a kind word
God's wondrous and unending love to show.

Friends are shining gems to be treasured
They are angels who sprinkle cheer
Sent down by God above on wings of love
Good friends like you I hold dear.

The magic of friendship shines in our hearts
The pathway of companionship, God alights
while walking down this journey of life
friends like you fill our hearts with delight.


March 12 2005

This is for Melva, who always sends kind words
of encouragement to me through emails or cards.
Thank you Melva. You are a treasure, my heart
holds dear! Love and hugs, Tina




Melodious you are, as a beautiful aria reaching the heavens,
Eloquent and sweet spoken, expressive in words from your heart,
Love you willingly share so easily as God has blessed you so,
Vivacious in heart and freely giving of your heart's desire,
Always and forever sharing the love of Jesus everywhere....

Love you,


Ode To Melva

 A Sweet Spirit Always
 Shows It's Self So True
 A Spirit...Such As You Have
 With Real Love And Goodness
 Shining Through.....
 Never Boastful, Or Full Of Pride
 With Kind Words Rolling From Your Lips.
 Ready, Always To Stand At Ones Side
 Holding Out Your Hand If He Slips.
 Your Words Are Filled With Love.
 Never Any Condemnation.
 Forever Spreading Gods Word
 Bringing Sinners...To Salvation.
 Never Complaining, On Self Pity
 Do You Ride......
 Or Talking Of Bitterness And Pain
 I Notice It's Faith That Takes Its Stride.
 In Heaven, Many Rewards You Will Gain.
 Your Spirit Is A Humble One.
 Your Love And Caring Is True.
 I Know Because The Holy Spirit
 Shows Me.........
 The Reflections Of Jesus...In You
 I Thank The Lord For Your Friendship,
 And That He Brought You Near.
 My Prayer Melva,  Is That We'll Stay
 Friends Always...Through Christ
 Year After Year After Year!
 Judith Johnson Kypta
 ©July 14, 2004
 For Siggy, A Precious Angel In The
 Site Of God, Also Know As Siverwings
 God Bless You My Sweet Melva.




 The Beauty Of A Friend
 I Have This Very Precious Friend
 Who Is Full Of Gods Sweet Grace,
 She Always Puts Laughter In My Soul
 And A Smile Upon My Face.
 Shes Trying To Make Me Beautiful
 By Making Pictures Of Me,
 But If I Had To Buy Them, No Way
 Still She Wont Give Up On Me.
 I Found Out She Had A Secret Name
 This Angel Friend Of Mine,
 I Know Someone That Calls Her Siggy
 Bless Her Heart For Being So Kind.
 I Love My Little Siggy Friend
 Shes A Charmer You Can See,
 Theres No Way That I Would Trade Her
 Shes Mine Through Eternity.
 I Believe God Placed Her In My Life
 To Help Me Cope Each Day,
 With All The Pain , I Suffer Through
 I Know Shes Here To Pray.
 May God Bless You Dearly My Siggy Friend
 You Are A Gem I Value So Dear,
 For Your Friendship Has Blessed My Heart
 And I Thank God That You Care.
 Ann Hart
 © March 21 2004



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