My Mentor

Just as sure as morning dew,
Comes falling from the sky.
A friend will come to you,
And dry your teary eyes.

They will be there to hear,
Your latest cares and woes.
Being there when you fear,
And soften all life’s blows.

Although they are human too,
You sometimes think them not.
Because of the things they do,
That help you out a lot.

Such a friend is a mentor,
That guides you along your way.
They feel as close as a sister,
Although family ties are nay.

A closeness is shared,
That is heart felt and real.
Your secrets you have beared,
She knows how you feel.

In life God sends us gifts,
And so thankful we should be.
For the many times He lifts,
Our spirits to be free.

Thank you God for my friend,
My mentor as well is she,
And the closeness will never end,
Cause she's like a sister to me.

June 26, 2006


Proverbs 17: 17
A friend loveth at all times......


Thank you Shy for the beautiful poem!


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