Shy do you,

Remember the cold winter evenings
When you would come over to play
We would end most of those evenings
Begging Mama to let you stay?

We did our homework in the kitchen
Sittin' at the table all cozy and warm,
Smelling Mama's bread a baking
Anticipating the first snow storm.

Oh, Siggy do I,

Your Mama would finally give in,
But not before we had some bread.
She said "Yes" with a big grin..
And then would say "Now off to bed."

We would warm by the stove,
Make a running jump into the sack,
Knowing we'd be cold again,
Before we ever got back.

Shy My Friend,

What fun we had in those days
Thinking of them brings tears,
But I love to think back on the
Memories of those endearing years.

I can smell bread a baking now
And remembrance come to mind
Of those cold winter evenings
As our hearts were being intertwined.

Yes, my friend..

We really had great times,
Playing and praying together too.
You are special, oh so special.
We are blessed with friendship true.

Now in our golden years we thrive,
Even though those times are aside.
We can hold them in our hearts,
And yes, they are intertwined.

Shy and Siggy
© Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Philemon 1:4

I thank my God, making mention of thee
always in my prayers






Song "Until Tomorrow"


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