You care so much for others,
Your life is not your own.
A sweet and gentle soul,
As I have ever known.

You're dedication's without compare,
As I watch you from afar
The miles have no meaning,
As I learn who you are.

God is in your daily life.
An example you are to me.
On Him you do depend,
That I can plainly see.

Your friendship's highly valued,
All your friends do say,
I agree with them,
It's as a sweet bouquet.

I thank God for you.
You do touch my heart.
With the precious words you send.
From my heart they won't depart.

Each time I call on you,
You are there for me.
Always showing your love,
And that without degree.

An enduring friend you are,
Ever true to all.
Our friendship will continue
Till we answer heaven's call.

2006 July 1

Proverbs 17: 17
A friend loveth at all times


"Those Country Days"
Composed by: Bill Sandy
Copyright 2002 - All Rights Reserved
Permission Given


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