From The Ashes

From the ashes of deceit and lies
You have risen and become so wise,
And though those days are gone,
Hurtful memories linger on.

A Mother's love you have not known
Because to you it wasn't shown.
I'm sorry that was your way of life
So much abuse, and so much strife.

The crevices in your heart
Are there, never will they depart.
But you're filling them with love,
That comes from heaven above.

Despite the hurts you've endured
You remain very much assured.
A confident woman, so very sweet,
Your personality bears no conceit.

A friend above and beyond the call,
You are to one and all.
Much love is sent your way,
You collect it as a sweet bouquet.

You tend it with your loving care,
And your LOVE you do not spare.
You willingly give to those
Whom God alone has chose.

I see in you a friend so true,
To all you give your friendship to.
You're faithful as a friend should be,
Giving of yourself so sweetly.

So, I'm writing this to you to say
Despite the lies and deceit that came your way
You're a wonderful Mother, Wife, and Friend,
A "Happy Mothers Day Wish" I'd like to send.


Shy, I wanted to wish you a
"Happy Mothers Day."
You deserve so much more than
you have received.



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