Friendship's Song

I Thank God for every
Remembrance of you.
Dear friend of mine
That's so very true.

You give your heart
And your soul to me.
A truer friend in this world
There could never be.

We met by chance,
And from the very start
You opened yourself up,
And gave from your heart.

You came to me giving
Both laughter and tears.
A friend like you happens
Only once in the years.

Of living, and loving,
And trying to be
All that is Lord Blest,
I have found in thee.

I am thankful for life,
Health, and happiness, too.
Most thankful of all, my friend,
Is that God gave me you.

ŠNovember 21, 2004

Karen's Website


Philippians 1: 3

I thank God with every
remembrance of you.
God Bless and remember
You Are Loved

This poem is used with Karen's
permission. Please respect the
copyright and ask her if you
wish to use it.



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