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Friendships are a lovely bouquet
Given in kindness and love
Reaching deep down inside
Flowing like a river far and wide.
Small Flower
Friendships are like a rainbow
After the raging storm
Bringing a smile to our face
Making our heart feel warm.
Small Flower
Friendships grow like flowers
On a beautiful spring day
Making our spirits bright
In a wonderful loving way.
Small Flower
Friendships offer peace and love
Happiness and joy sublime
And blest by God above
Lasting through the ages of time.
Small Flower
Glenna M. Baugh
ŠJune 10 2005
Living by Faith


Proverbs 17~17
A friend loveth at all times
Small Flower
"In our busy lives there are
blessings of friendships that
are ours to make if we stop
and open the door of our
hearts an let them inside."
Small Flower

If you would like to use this poem,
please contact Glenna for  permission.

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