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Dear friends of mine,
Your love is real, genuine.
You prove that each day,
As your notes come my way.

I love the sweet words you send.
The pass alongs that make me grin.
The kleenex often comes out too,
As we share a bit of sad news.

Sometimes a poem you will send,
That you will have penned
That starts the tears to flowing,
Although my heart will be glowing.

We send up prayers to our Lord
As we agree in one accord,
For each others desires and needs.
Yes, to our Lord we do plead.

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Truer friends I can not find.
Our friendships were designed,
By our Father, in His love
Sent by Him from above.

He only sends the very best.
He knows the ones who will invest
What it takes to be a friend,
And to each other will attend.

Father for Love that You do impart
In giving me friends that will not part.
Who will be with me till the end,
Thank You, for each one You did send.

2005 January 22

Proverbs 17~17
A friend loveth at all times.

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~Through The Eyes Of Love~
Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Permission Given

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