On Line Friends

So many people around the world,
Have become such close good friends,
They may never meet each Other,
But they're friends until the end.

For they see each other different,
Not how they may with eyes perceive,
But see the inner self of them,
And true friendships do receive.

They may share their deepest secrets,
Like sister and a brother,
They know they can be trusted,
For they will tell no other.

Though distance separates them,
Across so many miles,
They seem to enjoy the friendship,
Which really brings a smile.

These friendships are so different,
Yet same as all the rest,
For true friendship always triumphs,
When faced with any test.

So to all those on line friends,
Wherever you may be,
It's friendship made within the heart,
Not one from what you see.

These friendships made from words alone,
Can be so very strong,
For no matter what you say or do,
Words cannot lie for long.

For through those words as written,
Shows others from afar,
What one is really like inside,
No matter where they are.

If all of those around us,
Could spread their friendship and their love,
Then the world would be so different,
Than the one that we now have.

Would not that be so glorious?
A world that's full of friends,
With hatred and derision,
Having reached a final end.

Copyright Dark Blue Knight
September 1999©
All Rights Reserved
1 Corinthians 13:8
Love never fails.
This poem is used with Eddie's
permission. Please respect the
copyright and contact him if
you wish to use it!


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