Gently you came into my heart
And made a place of your own
You're a sweet friend to me
And love is all you've shown

There's a uniqueness about you
That sets you apart
A meek and gentle spirit
Lies sweetly in your heart

Knowing you is a joy to me
You are a darlin' friend
I look forward to the sweet
Cards and notes that you send

Your love comes from deep within
Your heart of pure gold
Like rose petals from the bud
It's so beautiful to behold

You're compassionate and loyal
I love you so very much
I'm so thankful you've come into my life
My heart you have deeply touched

2006 April 23

Written for and dedicated too
my sweet friend,

Scripture From: Corinthians 13

Love never fails.


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 Music: "The Rose"
Sequenced By: ©Mel Webb
Used With Permission


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