A Poem For Jimmy

Hi my friend, may I say
You have made my day!
Thank you, with all my heart,
And that just says a part.

Of the joy you did bring,
When you made my pages sing!
You Have blessed me beyond compare,
Your help you didn't spare!

Thank you for the time you took,
Each time I yelled "help," you did look.
Tirelessly you helped me start this site,
Without you it would have been a fright!

We are instructed to love each other,
As sisters and as brothers.
Into action, you have put your love,
And shown our Fathers from above.

May His blessings rest on you,
As for others the deeds you do.
Proving over and over the law of 'love'
That's sent by the heavenly Dove.

Written for my precious Brother
In Christ, Jimmy.

Matthew: 22 ~ 39
Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.


Music and Words By: Paul Gentry,
Rhesa Siregar and Larry Holder
Used With Permission

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