A beautiful white poodle you were
A boy, and I had wanted a girl!
You were three months old
When I decided to take you for a whirl

In a playpen with your sis
You were running all over her
Such an independent little guy
To you it never did occur

That you were past the age to be sold
You boldly stood your ground
As you looked up into my eyes
As if to say, you're gonna love having me around!

You won my admiration that day
As you romped and played
I took you home with me
And there you surely had it made!

You were as bossy as could be
Took over right away
You insisted that you and I
Would do things your way!

You were so trusting
And regal as could be
You made my life so exciting
That was plain to see

You always looked to me
When you had a need
And in the end my pet
Your eyes with me did plead

This time I couldn't offer help
My heart was broken in your need
I whispered sweet nothings in your ear
As I asked my Lord to intercede

My sweetest little Mutt you were
You'll always be so special to me
In my heart you will remain
And your sweet face I'll always long to see.


Written in sweet remembrance
of my beloved Mutt.
A love I will never forget.

1987 to 1996

Scripture: Psalm 37:4
Delight thyself also in the LORD: and he
shall give thee the desires of thine heart.


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