She's the sweetest little rosebud
that Texas ever knew,
Her eyes are bright as diamonds,
they sparkle like the dew;


The words are as old as time, it seems
Sparkle and shine as moonbeams
Glistening on an ocean wave
Deep in your heart to save

I know a Lady these words do fit.
A sweet cousin I will admit
All of her life I've known her ways
She's set many heart's ablaze

As precious as time is she.
Kind and helpful as she can be
To her family she is a rock.
To all, her hearts unlocked

Her hubby is the love of her life
It shows, she's proud to be his wife
And he gives her love back twofold
Her love for him, is as pure gold

She has had much troubles and woe.
Always comes out as a "Yellow Rose"
It's why my esteem for her is so high
In troubles, faith in God she does apply

Her cousin I'm very happy to be
God's blessed me immeasurably
With her love and friendship
Which hold my heart in their grip

She's the Yellow Rose of Texas
A chance and she'll leave you breathless
She sparkles as a star shining in the sky
My cousin Ellen, the apple of my eye

2005 January 1
Proverbs 17~17
A friend loveth at all times


Silver and Gold and Thee

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Midi Sequenced By
Barry Taylor
Used With Permission

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