Happy Birthday, Daughter

A Daughters love is like no other,
Spoken softly from a Mother.
Soft and sweet, pure love,
Sent from the Father above.

Whispers from the heart
Beautiful from the start.
Interlaced, and intertwined,
Mother and Daughter, so sublime.

Your days of childhood were quickly gone,
And soon, you were singing your song
A beautiful woman, you have become,
It begins on the inside, a gift from the Son.

Always ready to help someone in need,
By word or by deed,
Faithful and kind, to all,
On you, your friends can always call.

I'm so thankful from my heart,
For this sweet love that did start,
On the day you were conceived
And into my heart it was received.

As my being your Mother, you had no choice
But as your friend I can rejoice,
Because that's a choice you chose to make,
And I am so thankful for both our sakes.

Feelings of my heart I can not say,
October thirtieth is a most special day.
You are a gentle spirit, and a treasure,
And you give your love without measure.

May I wish you a Happy Birthday?
May this and all of your
birthdays, and each day of your life,
be blessed by our Father..I am thankful
for you daily. Thank You for being so kind
and sweet to me, and for your precious love.
............I love You............

Psalms 3: 33
O magnify the LORD with me,
and let us exalt his name together.


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