Just your name brings a smile to me,
On this, family and friends will agree.
So many look to you for so much,
They know you have a tender touch.

Your Husband is your mainstay,
He's there for you all the way.
He's a steady force in your life,
And you're happy to be his wife.

Your Parent's you loved so very much,
You tried to give them a tender touch.
Kind and gracious you were to them.
In you they had a very rare Gem.

A Mother beyond compare,
Giving your children such tender care.
You're love for them you show
From your heart it does flow.

A Grandmother so very sweet,
Your Grandkids think you are so neat.
With you they love to come and stay,
Cause you're so kind in all your ways.

No rocking chairs for you!
A brand new Mustang will do!
One reason why the kids love you so,
Cause you are a Granny on the go!

Evelyn, these words are from my heart,
I've loved you dearly from the start.
You've always been so special to me,
That will remain throughout eternity!

March 02 2005

Proverbs 17~17
A friend loveth at all times





Music: I Honestly Love
Sequenced By: Bob Mace
Permission Granted

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