Love at first site
Is what she means to me
She stole my tender heart
That's how it had to be.

Eyes of chocolate brown
Shine like diamond gems
And her prissy little steps
Gets her every whim.

She cocks her tiny head
As if to say, "I'm thinking,
'Bout what that boy is doing.."
"Why, Mom, I think he's winking!"

She'll really strut her stuff
As he goes walking by
She'll give you that look.
You'll have another....*sigh*

There's two instead of one
To keep you company
And then before you know it
There's a family of three!

© Marie Williams ~ 2006


Thank you Marie for the surprise of this
sweet poem about my Jode Girl!

Scripture from Psalm 94:19

In the multitude of my thoughts within
me thy comforts delight my soul.








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