April was a month of deceits, one day it was cold
and the next day you could feel the sun's warming
rays. Spring did not come easily in our little
portion of the world.

Winter seemed to hang on tenaciously as cold air
kept blowing at you like the air coming skyward
from an open cave. One wondered if Spring would
ever show her lovely face upon our land.

Being an 18 year old girl, I felt the stirrings of love
and the wintry month of April did not bother me.
I had been asked to marry the sweet love of my life
and had accepted his proposal.

We knew our wedding would be a very small one,
basically just the Pastor, two friends as witnesses and
we two love birds. I was deliriously happy at the
thought of being a wife and having someone to love and
be loved by in return.

My Dad was very happy for us & wished us well.
My Step-Mom was pleased to see me leave the "nest"
and I was equally happy to go. Sadly, over the years,
we became somewhat estranged and so my Dad did
not attend our wedding at my Step-Moms wishes.

The day of our wedding arrived and I was totally
exuberant as I dressed in my self-bought tea
length dress of sheer organza and borrowed veil
that was held on my head by a pearl & rhinestone
tiara. I felt like a princess as I slipped on my
spike heeled shoes and looked at the long dark
haired, dark eyed girl that was me, and saw a
young woman gazing back in return.

My sweetheart came for me and as we walked into
the church, I felt a rush of seriousness hit me full
force. I knew this was for keeps and suddenly I
realized that I was no longer going to be just
Ann Marie-single, but Mrs. Ann Marie-married.

We solemnly spoke our vows to one another and I
had never seen such tenderness in a mans eyes as I
did when I looked into my soon to be husbands
eyes that afternoon.

As we left the church, the Pastor said,
" Goodbye Mr. and Mrs. Fisher ".

We whirled around with what must have looked like
smiles the size of the Grand Canyon...we said
Good-Bye and arm in arm we started on this new
adventure in our lives.

As I look back in my mind, I am still overwhelmed at
that delicious memory of two young folks striking out
on their own on a cold winter April day in the early 60's.

© Ann Marie Fisher
February 2007






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Song: "Endless Love"
Used With Permission
From "Dolphn Dream's Quietude"


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