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Ann Fisher
~ My Testimony ~


I was taken to church as a little girl, but I never once heard the
true Gospel of Jesus Christ. I knew of Him and I had heard he died
for everyone's sins but after that, I was basically taught that if
you lived the best you could , paid your debts, was nice to folks
and did more good things then bad, then God's scale would balance
toward good and thus you would probably go to heaven.

As an adult I heard about ye must be born again, but I could not
get that settled in my mind, so I prayed a prayer & thought I had
it made---Wrong ! I had a head knowledge of Jesus Christ but it
didn't reach my heart.

After many years & many sermons, I realized if I didn't ask Jesus
to forgive me and save my soul I would die a lost sinner . I was
listening to a cassette tape on how to be saved & the Pastor was
preaching about anyone could come to Jesus If you felt the need for
salvation, it was the Holy Spirit wooing you and Romans 10:13 says,
For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

I dropped to my knees and looking out a window to the heavens, I realized
I was a Whosoever and I asked Jesus to forgive every sin I had ever
committed and to please save my soul. He says you SHALL be saved
not might be saved or you have to do works to be saved. It took
simple asking and believing that Jesus would do what He said because
He is holy and can not lie.

On December 8, 1983 I became a born again Christian. Life has never
been the same and I praise my loving Lord for his promise of eternal
life with Him.

© Ann Marie Fisher

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