It makes no difference what today may bring,
Nor the troubles that it holds.
It only matters if you know the Lord,
He's the one our future, he knows.

Today may bring a day of joy and peace,
For others it's filled with much sorrow.
But we only have to trust in Him,
And there will be a brighter tomorrow.

God is the one we all must go to,
When our problems get us down.
He will not fail us, but stay ever near us.
He'll let us know his love abounds.

So when troubles come, and come they will,
Just lift your head up high,
You'll find that God in all his majesty and grace,
Will be your Friend, your Saviour and Guide.

Phyllis A. Douglas
January 12, 2006










Song: "Amazing Grace"  ~ Courtesy "Mary's Gospel Midi Heaven"

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